Miss Nkiyasi Helm is a 13 year old enthusiastic motivational speaker.  She is capable of connecting with children and adults.  Many of the presentations conducted by Miss Nkiyasi pertain to different forms of bullying, child literacy and obesity.  At the age of nine she won the Calbery Writing Award at Cumberland Elementary School for her first book, The Best camping Trip Ever.  Since then Nkiyasi has written several more books. She is a mentor, 4.0 GPA student, Example Of Excellence, participant of Tim Horton's Leadership Camp, Student Athlete, and a role model in her community.

"To all of our friends in America and around the world, I want to take a moment to acknowledge Miss Nkiyasi Helm as an accomplished author and motivational speaker.  Her diligence and desire to positively impact the fight against obesity and bullying is a beacon in our global community.  As the CEO of Trimland and author of The Chubby Conqueror it warms my heart to see a child charging ahead on worldly issues.  Much success Nkiyasi!" Amos Knoll CEO of Trimland and author of "The Chubby Conqueror"

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