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Poetree-N-Motion TV Show
Hosted by Dee Freeman

Sit back and let Miss Nkiyasi inspire you.  She has set some amazing goals for herself.  One of her goals includes writing 50 or more children’s books.  She also wants to open her own publishing company so that she can help other young people share their stories and experiences from their own perspectives.

Eagle Village Hersey, MI

Miss Nkiyasi is an AWESOME speaker!  She has been invited to Eagle Village Youth Center multiple times to speak.  Her ability to connect with our youth has really been beneficial from a motivational stand point.  Somehow she is able to capture the attention of the entire audience.  The staff and students really enjoyed her presentation.

The Connections TV Show

Wow, talk about being young, gifted, and truly blessed THE CONNECTION speaks to one of the youngest book Authors living in the Capital City of Lansing MI--Nkiyasi Helm who is a true testament of what GREAT parenting, love, focus, dreams, and family support will produce in young children. Robert Helm (Father) shares with us his joy of his daughter's accomplishments at such a young age. Also, he is a successful business man, inventor, and husband. With many more books to come from Nkiyasi and businesses from Robert the HELM family is positioning themselves to IMPACT communities and the world! Congratulations